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I feel very lucky to have a friend like Hojun +Sejin nearby.  I frequently go over to their house in Oakland for dinner and drinks.  They’re not only fun but also a shoulder to lean on during hard times.  I usually sleep over since I’m in no shape to drive after dinner, which leads to lunch the next day together as well.  Lucky for me, Hojun is a great cook!

On the menu tonight was an overabundance of yellowtail, fluke, and amaebi sashimi, cut by Chef Hojun himself.  Not to mention a giant bottle of sake that we had no problem finishing.

Lunch the next day was 불고기 & 참치김치찌개, all home made!  I should probably take pictures other than food… :-/

🎣 #chefhojun

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😋 #chefhojun

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I made an impromptu trip down to HMB made because Brian was in need of some healing.  Watching the ocean and listening to the waves swing back and forth was soothing and it was a reminder that California’s beautiful landscape is only a short drive away.

I was running a little early and Brian a little late, so I stopped by the hiking trail that was formerly known as the Devil’s Slide section of Highway 1.

We had lunch at Half Moon Bay Brewing Co., then took a quick walk down to the Gray Whale Cove State Beach.



Breathe~ 🙃

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I interviewed for a clip we’re going to show at the KACF-SF Gala in May.  I was more nervous than expected, but it was nice to hear that others were just as nervous.  The 45 minutes or so flew by and it was a fun experience!

The filming was done at Hero City at Draper University where a couple dozen start-ups related to Virtual Reality/Augmented Realty and block-chain technology are being incubated.  Included in one of those couple dozens was Changmin’s start-up and he gave us a tour of some of the cool toys.

😎 #kacf

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I’ve been visiting my parents in LA each month this year.  It’s more than before, and intentional, to make sure my dad is doing okay and to serve as a small relief for my mom from having to take care of him every day.  It’s also made it easier that work is allowing me to work from home on either Friday or Monday to extend the weekend trip by a day.

The flights down to LA are just an hour, but if you add having to get there an hour before, the drive to the airport, and the consistent delays… I’ve found driving down to be more convenient these days.  I’ve also discovered that podcasts are a great way to keep myself entertained.  Listening to Serial (season 1) in January even made the trip short, and I sat in my car for an extra five minutes after getting to LA to finish listening to the episode.


I tried my hand at Audiobooks this drive down and I must say… it’s not the same.  It was a little dull, even boring.  I think it was the writing style, and partly the voice.  “All The Light We Cannot See”, despite good reviews, was probably also not the best choice as entertainment to keep me awake for a 7 hour drive.  Lucky for me… I have another 7 hours back to test this hypothesis and give Audiobooks another go with a different book.  Perhaps something non-fiction.

On a side note, I stopped by Pan’s house shortly into my drive to have lunch along with Chuck who was visiting from Seattle.  Pan is on paternity leave and taking care of his second child, and it was nice to meet the little one as well.

The scenery  on the I-5 can be really boring… but also stunning at the same time and I always like to capture at least one or two photos.  Unfortunately the pictures don’t do justice… and it can also be challenging taking a photo while driving.  “Interesting” is probably a better description of the first picture… since this gate of sorts didn’t seem to lead to anything but an empty field.  I tried to snap a picture of an almost full moon that was incredibly bright… not surprisingly, this is what I found once I got home.




After watching my avocado seed sitting in water for about a month with no progress… I was ready to give up on this one and start again with a new seed.  But what if this seed #1 just needs a little more time… or what if they all take this long and I’m just being impatient?  To hedge the risk of giving up on #1 and wasting my time waiting for a dud… I just started another seed next to it.

Just after a week…. I see PROGRESS.  Comparing the two, my best guess is that I didn’t let #1 sit in enough water or didn’t change the water frequently enough.  Either way, I’m excited about #2, especially considering I seem to kill every plant I touch.  Including the ones that my mom has deemed “it will NEVER die.”



I came into the office on Monday, excited to welcome back my colleagues that sat for the CFP(R) exam over the weekend.  What I didn’t expect was breakfast and wine to celebrate them back to life.  It was quite a way to start the week and wouldn’t really mind starting every Monday this way.  They will have to wait an agonizing four weeks or so to find out their results.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

It was also a time that we took to reminisce our own CFP(R) adventure and though our experiences were all slightly different, we agreed that it is not an exam we would want to take again.  (CFP Pass, CFP Study).

All this study talk also motivated me to go read at a coffee shop like I used to do when studying for my exams.  I had a lot of hope from the title of this article… but it was a total disappointment.  At least it got me out of the house/office for some reading.